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Sagittarius and Libra Love Compatibility

can Sagittarius & Libra love relationship work?

The Sagittarius and the Libra share a number of personality traits that produce a very good relationship compatibility. Both prize their freedom and enjoy socializing and experiencing new things. The Libra is much more balanced and cautious than the Sagittarius and this could enable them to work very well as a couple. The Libra needs some intimacy but will not attempt to curb the free spirit of the Sagittarius. Their social life and their romance have truly excellent prospects and this is definitely one of the better matches of all the zodiac signs.

The combination of the Sagittarius with a Libra could spark a great deal of excitement resulting in an energetic and powerful union. The Libra can run into conflict with other star signs because they can change their mind quite rapidly. However, the Sagittarius is very flexible and will be ideally suited to adapt to the ever-changing Libra. Both enjoy travel, adventure and exploring new places so they should make ideal travel companions and be able to live life to the full. The Sagittarius is on a constant quest to learn new things and acquire wisdom and could hardly have a better companion than the Libra for life’s journey.

Occasionally the Sagittarius may offend the more sensitive Libra but they are the most forgiving of all star signs and should be able to move past disagreements with relative comfort. Likewise, the Sagittarius may struggle at times with the more emotional side of the Libra and a little patience and understanding may be needed on both sides in the early stages of this relationship. The Sagittarius may need to curb their instinct to push the Libra too far, too soon in the relationship. The Libra can be quite sensitive and do not like being taken out of their comfort zone. They will get there, but in their own time. The Sagittarius may feel as though they are the dominant force in the partnership but, in reality, the Libra is quite likely to be pulling the strings. They are capable of doing this in a quiet but effective manner, allowing the Sagittarius to feel that they are running the ship. The result is a surprisingly smooth and harmonious passage through life’s troubled waters.

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