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Scorpio compatibility with Scorpio: Love and relationships

Find out if two Scorpios can make a formidable team or if they are incompatible

The relationship between two Scorpios could be a bit hot and cold. Obviously, they have the same positive qualities and the same negative traits. There is the potential for a very intense relationship, as neither would go into a love match with anything less than full commitment. There will be plenty of romance in this match, and it has surprisingly good prospects for a loving and successful partnership.

Can a relationship between two Scorpios work?

Both will be extremely passionate and, if there is an initial attraction, there will be little to stand in their way. If there is to be a problem, it will be in their reluctance to back down without a fight. They will need to curb this stubborn instinct if they are to move on quickly with their lives. It could be quite a stormy affair, but it will never be dull!

The Scorpio can be rather possessive by nature and does have a jealous streak. They cannot easily share anything or anyone that they consider “belongs” to them. They quickly form a strong attachment to their partner, and they take loving someone extremely seriously from the very beginning. Unless they are both on the same wavelength, the relationship could become quite volatile or even unstable.

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These natives will be able to form a strong alliance in which their loyalty may never be brought into question | Getty Images

They have good compatibility in many aspects of their lives, but there should be a note of caution regarding their stubborn attitudes. Neither will be easily persuaded that they are in the wrong, and they may conclude that sometimes it is better to agree to disagree!

The compensation for these some stormy battle of wills could lie in the prospect of some highly charged make-up sessions. The Scorpio does tend towards extremes, none more so than when it comes to their passion. They can be very passionate lovers, but also fiercely hateful when they believe that they have been wronged. It is almost alien to them to find the middle ground, as they thrive on extreme emotions.

Neither of the male or female Scorpio is satisfied with moderation in any form. They will be able to form a strong alliance in which their loyalty may never be brought into question. Although their more stormy nature may appear overbearing to other signs, they will recognize it for what it is and deal with it. Once they have made the commitment to one another, they will love and protect one another to the end of the earth.