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Scorpio compatibility with Virgo: Love and relationships

When it comes to these two signs, the key to the success in a relationship will be to compromise

The basic nature of a Virgo is quite compatible with that of a Scorpio. Both have a practical approach towards life, although the Scorpio is much more adventurous than the Virgo. However, the passion of the Scorpio may prove too much to handle for the more reticent Virgo, so there could be compatibility problems.

If they are able to learn from one another and put their individual qualities to the best advantage, a Scorpio and a Virgo could develop into a well-balanced couple. If they can bond emotionally, they will be able to put their intellect to good use and strengthen their chances of finding both love and compatibility.

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As with many couples, the key to the success or failure of this relationship will be their ability to compromise. The Virgo could come across as rather stubborn and staid to the more fearless Scorpio. Whilst the Virgo may initially be drawn out of their more sedentary lifestyle by the bold, outgoing Scorpio, they will eventually revert to their preferred way of life.

The passion of the Scorpio will certainly enrich the life of the Virgo, and they do have much to offer in return, most importantly a steadying influence which will help to see them through the tougher times. Both the Scorpio and the Virgo are usually blessed with intelligence, and it is more likely that any major compatibility problems will arise on an emotional level.

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The Virgo tends to be a little shy and will certainly admire the Scorpio for their strength and confidence | Getty Images

In many aspects, the personality traits of the Scorpio and the Virgo should compliment each other very nicely. The Virgo tends to be a little shy and will certainly admire the Scorpio for their strength and confidence. The Scorpio can be the more emotional partner and prefers to feel in control of the relationship.

This could work well, providing that the Virgo is made to feel like an equal contributor to the partnership and is in no way subordinate. The Scorpio can be a little secretive, but will gradually learn to trust the Virgo completely. This is something that should develop naturally over time as the Scorpio feels at ease, allowing the Virgo to express themselves more fully.

Both the Scorpio and the Virgo like a little freedom within the relationship, so it is not going to be a pairing that looks as though they are joined at the hip. The physical side of the relationship will be dominated by the Scorpio, who will tempt the Virgo to lose their inhibitions and free their more passionate side.

If anything, their sexual chemistry will get even better over time and is definitely a positive factor in this relationship. Once they have the complete trust of their partner, they will enjoy their intimacy fully. They have the potential to form an almost psychic understanding of their partner's needs and desires.