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Scorpio and Cancer Love Compatibility

can Scorpio & Cancer love relationship work?

The compatibility between the Scorpio and the Cancer is very good. Both signs are very emotional but can also be considerate and kind. They have many similarities in their outlook that suggest a bond could easily be formed on both an emotional and an intellectual level. Both demand affection and loyalty from their partner and a mutual understanding could be quickly established. There are also excellent prospects for love and romance with this pairing. The difficulties could arise from the lack of obvious strength in difficult times but, if they work together to form a powerful union, the rest should come naturally. This has the potential to be one of the most emotional but successful of relationships.

In many ways this looks like a match made in heaven. These two should understand one another almost intuitively and are highly compatible both emotionally and sexually. In fact, the physical aspect of this relationship has the potential to be among the very best of all the zodiac matches! It is almost as if they glow in each other’s company and will could soon find it difficult to spend too much time apart.

Of course there are always problems to overcome and this relationship will be no different. There is a particular concern as to how the Scorpio can cope with the occasional sulks and moods of the more temperamental Cancer. The Scorpio is not the natural choice to deal with this scenario as they are more likely to withdraw and could come across as being selfish or uncaring. If the Cancer feels uneasy and attempts to get too close too soon, it could spook the Scorpio as they do need their moments of privacy.

If there is a weakness in this partnership it is their combined lack of logic. They both have their own approach to life and follow their heart rather than their head. The Cancer can be ambitious and determined, especially if they are in a happy relationship and have the support they often need to fulfill their potential. The Scorpio will be able to fill this role admirably and will receive unlimited love and affection in return. For the most part, the Scorpio’s strengths and weaknesses are complimented perfectly by the Cancer and there do not appear to be any obvious pitfalls.

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