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can Scorpio & Leo love relationship work?

An obvious problem for the combination of the Scorpio and a Leo is that both can be quite stubborn. However, there is a good argument for this pair in terms of compatibility, provided that they can harness their combined strength of character into a positive force. The Scorpio and the Leo will certainly be attracted by each other’s strength and determination to succeed. The key to the relationship could well be whether or not they can get along without one trying to dominate the other. The prospects for a love match between a Scorpio and a Leo may be decided by the initial power struggle. Although both are capable of strong commitment, they are equally prone to fits of jealousy and this could also spell trouble. When things are going well then anything is possible but there is always likely to be a combustible element to this relationship.

As well as being stubborn, the Scorpio and the Leo can sometimes be too proud for their own good. In many partnerships, one strong character is essential for the relationship to work. However, combining two such strong characters can make for a very volatile scenario and raises a lot of questions in terms of compatibility. Although the Scorpio and the Leo may well be attracted by the others strength and resolve, there will have to be a compromise at some point. If they simply refuse to see the other person’s point of view, this relationship is sadly doomed to failure. The prospect of these two signs trying to establish dominance conjures up a picture of two boxers standing toe to toe. However, if the power issue can be resolved naturally, there is more than a little hope for this unusual pairing.

The initial attraction is likely to be as powerful as their combined strength of character. There is an element of mystery about the Leo that will be enticing to the Scorpio who, in turn, will find themselves drawn towards the open and generous nature of the Leo. They may well enjoy the clash of their strong wills in the initial phase, although this could act as a warning of what is to follow. If they do find compatibility, they will offer commitment and support to one another that could form a very strong partnership indeed. The Leo will not get away with any bluster because the Scorpio are well known for their almost psychic intuition. When you combine this with jealousy and possessiveness, you will understand just how volatile this relationship could become. Both are equally capable of commitment, but only a brave person or a fool would dare to cross either of them!

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