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Scorpio and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

can Scorpio & Sagittarius love relationship work?

The Scorpio and the Sagittarius are very different in many ways. Sagittarius has a very easy-going approach to life and this is the total opposite to the Scorpio. The Sagittarius is very sociable and loves to venture out and meet new people. They also thrive on being the center of attention. In total contrast, the Scorpio can be quite introverted and prefers to stay within their close group of family and friends. They have a limited number of interests to which they are utterly dedicated. The Scorpio is much the more emotional of the two as far as a love relationship is concerned and this may not fit easily with the more frivolous approach of the Sagittarius. Even more worrying is the flirtatious nature of the Sagittarius, which could lead to serious compatibility issues. They do not mean anything by it but that will be of little comfort to the Scorpio. Very considerable compromises will be necessary to make this relationship compatible in the long run.

A Scorpio and a Sagittarius are two of the most opposite signs of the zodiac in terms of their outlook and personal traits. Sagittarius is light-hearted about almost every aspect of life whereas the Scorpio can be quite intense. The Scorpio tend to be very passionate or completely disinterested, there is no middle ground. The Scorpio is something of an introvert and seldom ventures outside of their preferential group of family and friends. They also tend to have a limited range of interests to which they are totally devoted. The Sagittarius meanwhile, has an unusually wide range of interests, none of which will be deemed worthy of their complete devotion.

A Sagittarius loves their freedom and could feel restricted by the possessiveness and closeness of a Scorpio. They could also struggle to understand the Scorpion and their intense emotional attachment. An awful amount of work and understanding is needed in order for this pairing to stand the test of time. The Scorpio will have to back off a little to allow the Sagittarius freedom to breathe and the Sagittarius will have to restrict their slightly reckless and fun- loving nature. In some ways, this may be asking too much as it curtails the natural instinct of both partners in order to preserve the couple.

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