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can Scorpio & Taurus love relationship work?

The match between a Scorpio and a Taurus will be fired by great passion as they are both highly sexual by nature. Whether they can keep the flame burning long enough to compromise on their stronger characteristics is another matter. They are both capable of becoming very jealous and stubborn. The Taurus can be very possessive in a relationship whilst the Scorpio is the more emotional. With their somewhat volatile nature it is going to take an almighty effort to work through their differences and reach agreement. They will have the intelligence to know what to do but it is doubtful that there are genuine concerns as to whether they will be sufficiently tolerant to see it through.

Beyond the almost magnetic physical attraction between these two zodiac signs, there does not appear to be the same level of compatibility on either an emotional or intellectual level. Both can be very possessive, particularly so in the case of the Scorpio who is prone to jealousy. The Scorpio are also likely to demand much more emotional commitment and intimacy than the Taurus is naturally capable of giving. Another common trait that may lead to difficulties is their inherent stubbornness. Neither the Taurus nor the Scorpio find it easy to express themselves and this could lead to anger and frustration. On the plus side, both are capable of being extremely loyal and devoted. The big question is whether or not they will be able to afford one another enough freedom within the relationship for it to function happily.

There may be hope in the desire for Scorpio to find a settled and loyal partner. Where these two signs share a common goal they will undoubtedly make a fearsome combination. They have the power and determination and ingenuity to see challenges through to completion. If they can get things moving their joint passion will drive them on to further achievements. There are very few grey areas with the compatibility of the Scorpio and the Taurus. They will both need to acquire some diplomatic skills in order to overcome their most obvious flash points. They must find a way to open up to one another and, at the same time, be more receptive to the other’s point of view.

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