Taurus Love Compatibility

Taurus and Relationship

The Taurus make for very loyal, dependable, stable husbands or wives and have the capacity to be great parents as they rarely demand much, if anything, out of their kids or mate. They display sought after kindness and thoughtfulness from both their children and lover’s perspective. They aren’t the type of people to lie to, steal from, or cheat on their partner. The will defend the honor of their family tooth and nail and will ensure no one they love can ever come into any danger from outside forces. As for the sexuality of a Taurus, they tend to be average lovers who avoid sexual experimentation and prefer to keep things physically straightforward.

Taurus Compatibility With The Other Signs

Taurus Aries Zodiac Sign Compatibility Summary


With so many natural differences it is not easy to be optimistic about the love compatibility between these two zodiac signs. Should the relationship last beyond the initial attraction there will have to be an enormous amount of compromise on both sides. If they could manage to rein in their natural instincts it is certainly true that each could benefit greatly from the other. The Taurus could benefit from the more free-spirited Aries and learn to enjoy life just a little more. Equally, if the impulsive Aries could be guided by the more practical Taurus they would be far less likely to mess things up. They would both have to work very hard to reach a sufficient level of understanding to maintain the partnership over a lengthy period but the rewards would make it well worth their while. On the positive side, they are both capable of great loyalty when finding the right person. If they can find a balance there is a chance of establishing a base on which to build a lasting relationship but it is not an obvious connection.

Taurus Aries

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