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Taurus & Gemini Compatibility

can Taurus & Gemini love relationship work?

There may be some early fireworks as Taurus may find the Gemini quite tantalizing and they in turn will respond to the bold approach of the Taurus. The Taurus will also be intrigued by the creativity and imagination of the Gemini but this initial infatuation may not last. There is a possibility that the Gemini will ultimately find the Taurus irritating and, once unsettled, the Gemini will be far too complicated for the Taurus to deal with. The Gemini loves change and the Taurus will try to resist it. The rapidly changing nature of the Gemini will confuse and annoy the Taurus and they could find themselves heading in opposite directions. This has the hallmarks of a short but stormy relationship where the passion eventually gives way to resentment.

One thing that is not in doubt is the prospect of a strong initial attraction. The Taurus will certainly find a great deal to like in the energy and confidence of the Gemini. For the less adventurous Taurus, this wild and free-spirited Gemini will be very exciting company. They could find themselves swept up in a sensual and passionate relationship. However, the Gemini could soon begin to feel threatened if the Taurus tries to confine them to their more sedentary lifestyle. They need to retain a certain amount of freedom in life and the Taurus will need to embrace this rather than suppress it. Gemini can also appear a little flirtatious and this will not sit comfortably with the jealous nature of the Taurus. Once the Taurus starts to feel insecure in a relationship their jealous streak becomes more evident and things could get quite volatile.

The Taurus prefers life to move along at a steady, even pace whereas the Gemini can become extremely restless and is seldom prepared to stay in one place for too long. The Gemini can also be a bit impetuous and there are bound to be problems between these two signs. The Taurus likes to settle down and establish a stable and comfortable routine and will expect commitment and loyalty in a relationship. The Taurus is not averse to having fun and it is possible that they can learn from one another but it is asking for a lot of patience and understanding from both sides.

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