Taurus Love Compatibility
Taurus Love Compatibility

Taurus & Taurus Compatibility

can Taurus & Taurus love relationship work?

This combination may not be the most exciting, as both are essentially domestic creatures with no great desire for adventure. It is very easy to see these two forming a solid bond very quickly but it may initially be more out of friendship than romance. Without that spark, there is a danger that they could prove to be disappointing lovers. On the plus side, they certainly have the compatibility to make an excellent couple as far as money management is concerned and both can be extremely loyal and affectionate. If they are able to develop their own interests independent from one another they will have a greater chance of enjoying each other’s company in the long term. The prospects are good for a pleasant, if less than exhilarating relationship.

A stable and very down-to-earth relationship looks on the cards, as there may be a lack of ambition and drive. They will be so alike that it is doubtful whether they will feel the urge to take risks and try anything new unless it is out of necessity. Socially, the Taurus male tends to enjoy the company of other men whilst the female cannot tolerate deceit or lack of attention. Should problems arise, both can be jealous and possessive. Resolving their difficulties could take an age as they can be so stubborn and will be reluctant to give an inch. They will need to find a way to overcome this obstinate side to their nature in order to get things back on track. They can both be extremely loyal and this could be what holds them together through tough times. As long as things are ticking along nicely they will be perfectly content.

The Taurus does not usually give the physical aspect any special consideration as it is regarded as part and parcel of their relationship. Consequently there may be a certain lack of passion or excitement and it is highly unlikely that their sexual relationship will break the boundaries of what is considered traditional. Since neither of them will be unduly concerned, this should not be a problem. They are capable of being quite sensual and romantic, although it usually takes a more diverse zodiac sign to bring this out of them. They will be able to express their love through their mutual commitment and loyalty and trust that the rest will take care of itself.

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