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Virgo and Aquarius Love Compatibility

can Virgo & Aquarius love relationship work?

This has the potential to be a good intellectual relationship but will almost certainly be lacking a little passion and romance. The Virgo also enjoys a quieter lifestyle than the Aquarius and this may curtail the independence that the Aquarius is known to value so highly. Their intellectual approach to the world is similar and they could combine quite successfully to cope with many of life’s problems.

They each have their own distinctive way of going about things and the pairing could face some real challenges. Intellectually, they will find a shared interest in discussing many issues although the Virgo may stick to proven solutions rather than the slightly unorthodox thinking of the Aquarius. Although they come from different perspectives, both have aspirations to work for the greater good and their mutual quest in this direction should work nicely.

The Virgo expects devotion from their partner and the partnership could be undermined if doubts start to develop. In contrast, the Aquarius hates to be confined by a commitment or routine. The Virgo will certainly have to show considerable understanding in order to adapt to the more detached ways of the Aquarius. The Virgo will almost always take the safest option and can be a little staid and reluctant to experiment. For this relationship to flourish they will have to be drawn out of themselves by the Aquarius.

One strong point in terms of compatibility is that neither is particularly emotional. This means that the bar is never likely to be set too high as far as affection and romantic expectation goes. They are very likely to form an intellectual bond rather than a wildly passionate physical relationship. The compatibility of their love match is a little doubtful at first glance. However, the Aquarius is capable of providing the spark necessary to ignite a little passion in the relationship. If the Virgo proves to be receptive to the more adventurous side of the Aquarius then sparks may fly! Also, it is not impossible for this to develop over time if they manage to inspire each other in different ways. This relationship does have the look of two individuals learning to like each other rather than adapting to one another’s needs. For example, you could easily see them making a formidable business partnership that develops into something more.

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