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Virgo and Aries Love Compatibility

can Virgo & Aries love relationship work?

The Virgo is usually very practical and likes to plan ahead whereas the Aries can be impetuous. The Virgo can also be a little shy and very compassionate which will appeal to the needs of the Aries. The slightly aggressive and possessive nature of the Aries may offer some comfort and security to the Virgo in the relationship. There are a lot of differences between this pair and it is difficult to accurately predict the outcome.

The more dynamic and domineering traits of the Aries will certainly attract the Virgo initially. However, the impulsive nature of the Aries could be something of a shock to the more reticent Virgo and they may not be able to last the pace. Aries is full of exciting new ideas whereas the Virgo can be meticulous and fussy. Both the Aries and the Virgo value truth and honesty above almost everything else so it is unlikely that they will have many secrets. The rather impulsive nature of the Aries is in complete contrast to the almost obsessive need for forward planning that is a way of life for the Virgo. This could lead to some major arguments and the Aries might struggle to accept some of the harsh criticism that the Virgo is prone to give out.

As far as passion is concerned, the Virgo will expect the more confident Aries to take the lead. If the Aries does not assume this role then there is very little prospect of anything too imaginative or exciting on a physical level as the Virgo will be too introverted to initiate anything unusual. Once released from these restraints they will certainly be free to express themselves fully and a perfectly healthy love life should ensue.

The rather extravagant spending habits of the Aries may have to be curtailed in order to appease the cautious and calculating Virgo. Sooner or later the couple will have to face up to their financial arrangements and they are poles apart in this regard. The Virgo is overly cautious and the Aries is a spendthrift. The Aries will have to find a way to curb their impulsive spending habits in order to move closer into line with the more practical Virgo. To facilitate this, the Virgo will have to show some restraint as they cannot expect the Aries to change overnight. For this partnership to last the test of time they will have no choice but to compromise on this important issue.

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