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Virgo and Cancer Love Compatibility

can Virgo & Cancer love relationship work?

Although the Virgo and the Cancer are very different from one another, they have a surprisingly good compatibility for a loving relationship. The Cancer is blessed with patience in abundance and they may need all of it to cope with the fussy and meticulous Virgo. A possible problem area could be the tendency of the Virgo to vent their frustration when things do not meet their exacting standards. The Cancer is quite emotional and could easily be offended if the Virgo does not show a little patience and understanding. If they can learn to adapt to one another’s strengths and weaknesses there is every chance of a very special partnership forming.

The Virgo can find it very difficult to express themselves on an emotional level but may feel at ease with the warm and compassionate Cancer. Both the Virgo and the Cancer love to please their loved ones and there are excellent prospects for a warm and sensual physical relationship. If they can avoid clashing on their differences, they can turn them into positives. The Cancer can learn to be more rational and not overly sensitive whilst the Virgo could benefit from a little of the Cancer’s limitless patience and art of expression.

The Cancer has a natural dependency on others but this fits ideally with the protective Virgo. The Virgo does not usually give of their love easily but, once a mutual trust has developed, the Virgo will enjoy taking a leading role and fussing over the Cancer. They in turn will soak up the attention and warm to the more practical and direct approach of the Virgo. The Virgo also prefers to have goals in life and this element of planning will be complimented by Cancer’s frugality with money. The strong influence of the Virgo will greatly alleviate the worries that always seem to hang over the Cancer. There are excellent prospects of a deep devotion between these two zodiac signs that could develop into a truly loving and lasting relationship.

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