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Virgo and Pisces Love Compatibility

can Virgo & Pisces love relationship work?

The Virgo and the Pisces live in very different worlds. The Virgo has a much more regimented and thorough approach to life and can be very judgmental. The Pisces is the opposite and lives in a slightly mystical world and it will take considerable effort to reconcile these differences. There are good prospects of a strong initial attraction as the Pisces will be drawn by the confident and practical Virgo. Likewise, the Virgo will be attracted by the more magical and casual charm of the Pisces.

There could be a strong physical relationship between the pair, particularly in the early stages as they explore each other’s complexities. In spite of their obvious differences, there are instances where they both share the same goals in life. Both favor life’s quieter pleasures and could enjoy each other’s company immensely. The Virgo and the Pisces both have a strong desire for stability in their lives and there are good prospects of achieving this together if they can learn to appreciate the other’s viewpoint. This coupling will not work in every instance but, given the chance to develop, there are hopes for this unusual alliance.

The Virgo and the Pisces share a strong sensitivity to the environment and a passion for life’s simple pleasures. Both also need a certain degree of security and attach great value in a solid and secure home life. In theory, the clarity of the Virgo could be of great benefit to the Pisces who, in turn, could greatly enrich the life of the Virgo. The Virgo has a much more grounded approach to life and this could be a useful asset, particularly in financial matters. Their attention to detail may help to keep the Pisces from drifting off on a flight of fancy. If they are truly devoted to one another they will have an opportunity to form a lasting relationship but the odds will be against them.

The dangers for compatibility of this pair will be if they simply fail to adapt to their differences. Tensions could quickly develop between them if they attempt to change one another. If the novelty begins to wear off and the Virgo sees the Pisces in a different light, then they will be in for major problems. Virgo are known to be quite sharp and abrasive at times and this will be a recipe for disaster with the emotionally charged Pisces. They are simply too sensitive to be on the receiving end of cutting personal comments and will fall into despair.

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