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Today: Thursday - January 23, 2020

Today's Flirt Horoscope

Sure, sometimes you can be a little grabby, especially around this time of year. But you're just going after what you want! It's called enthusiasm, right? Don't apologize for your slightly overzealous possessiveness, especially not today.

Today's Single Love Horoscope

One blow off after another, and yet you're still full of optimism. How do you do it? You're the picture of placid even after you've been waiting for a half hour and there's no sign of your date showing up. Share some of that tolerance with the others around you.

Today's Couples Horoscope

Be open to trying something new in the bedroom. Your partner might be shy about talking about it, so let them know you're ready and willing. You're in for a very steamy evening!

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