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Today: Tuesday - December 03, 2019

Today's Flirt Horoscope

Don't sweat the details. It's far better to forge ahead and sort out all the facts and figures later. You have every reason to trust your instincts and take a risk right now.

Today's Single Love Horoscope

Balance the extremes. If you're going to stay up to ungodly hours doing the unmentionable things only singles do, make sure you're prepared in the morning. Keep your briefcase, keys, purse, and so on in a central location—easily accessible when you're running late.

Today's Couples Horoscope

In a rut? It might be time to work out of the tried and true and jump into something new. Ask your sweetie to make a bucket list, compare notes and then start planning how you're going to cross them off one at a time.

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