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Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope Today

Today: Thursday - April 22, 2021

Today's Love Horoscope

You're ready to take things to the next level, Capricorn. The moon rules your relationship sector and it's lighting up your expansive ninth house of adventure, wisdom, and unknown territory—all the while linking up with the sun in your romantic fifth house of love. Keep in mind, the sun governs your erotic eighth house of intimate unions—so, there's definitely an opportunity for growth and renewal when regarding your connections. This, of course, intensifies Venus' conjunction with freedom-loving Uranus in your romantic fifth house of pleasure today, inspiring you to take the unconventional route and level-up romantically. It's time to set yourself free.

Today's Dating Horoscope

Drag a friend with you as you slide into something awesome. There's no reason they can't share in your good luck! It's a good time for you to show off a little while you're at it.

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