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Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope Today

Today: Friday - October 15, 2021

Today's Love Horoscope

You know what you bring to the table because chances are you bought it, Capricorn. Whether you're single or already in a romantic connection, one thing's for sure: you're not about to settle for anything less than what you deserve. For instance, the moon governs your harmony-seeking seventh house of one-on-one connections, but it will be joining forces with lucky Jupiter via your sensually driven second house of comfort, finances, and value systems today. Again, you're feeling yourself, and you're emanating this exact same energy. The catch? Mercury retrograde will oppose the wounded healer, Chiron, so if something happens to resurface, be gentle with yourself.

Today's Dating Horoscope

You have something sweet coming, but you'll need to network to make it happen. Get a friend to hook you up with their work or school connections. After all, they're more than happy to make your life easier.

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