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Today: Thursday - January 23, 2020

Today's Flirt Horoscope

It's as if everybody else is reading an entirely different script today -- but then again, that's how you've always felt around this crowd. Try going with the flow at least just this once, there might be a cute newbie you might just like.

Today's Single Love Horoscope

Intolerance usually isn't a problem, but it is right now. Differing political opinions and worldviews leave you feeling agitated and (okay, you'll admit it) resentful. It's fine for now, but when you're in dark mode, keep it under wraps. Shake it off before your next date.

Today's Couples Horoscope

Clear your mind of all your troubles and make today all about you and your partner. Focus on the best parts of your relationship and celebrate the love you share.

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