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Today: Saturday - August 17, 2019

Today's Flirt Horoscope

Don't doubt that the world is changing in your favor. It's all about you, you, you today. You may not feel like you're doing much of anything, but that's just how effortless success can be sometimes.

Today's Single Love Horoscope

Today you may be feeling sentimental, but that's not necessarily a good place to be. Memories have a pesky way of distorting the facts the longer we hold on to them. Exes seem evil, lost loves perfect and your mistakes gigantic. Keep the past in perspective and concentrate on the present.

Today's Couples Horoscope

Today has potential to be a very busy one. Seek to find a balance between what you want to do and what your sweetie wants. If you are prepared to compromise, you'll both have a lot of fun.

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