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Taurus Daily Love Horoscope Today

Today: Thursday - April 22, 2021

Today's Love Horoscope

Love is most certainly in the air, but it's up to you to claim it as yours, Taurus. Slow and steady wins the race, but what if you've already reached the finish line? In addition to the sun and moon's harmonious alignment—the sun igniting your fixed earth and the moon illuminating your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure—your planetary ruler, Venus, will be joining forces with rebellious Uranus in your sign today. Single or attached, this combination of energies could be equally gratifying as it is shocking. Themes surrounding your individual freedom in a relationship could also come up for review… but you're liberating yourself simultaneously.  

Today's Dating Horoscope

Someone needs you to get real with them, and now is the perfect time for that. Your ability to connect one-on-one hasn't been this strong in ages, and they should be fully satisfied

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