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Today: Thursday - July 29, 2021

Today's Love Horoscope

Your planetary ruler, Venus, continues to dazzle your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and self-expression. So, you're flirting your little heart out, Taurus. However, in the midst of basking in your powers of persuasion and sparkling charisma, Luna will be in close proximity to the wounded healer, Chiron, via your twelfth house of closure, dreams, karma, and unconscious patterns. This, of course, could shed light on residual energies that have been blocking your confidence, creativity, and romantic desires. So, don't disregard what comes up for review. Keep in mind: Luna will face-off with Pluto, triggering a smoldering intensity when it comes to your one-on-one connections. Tread lightly. 

Today's Dating Horoscope

Your current raucousness and bluster are not as charming as you think. Forget about trying to hog all the power -- collaboration is a much sexier alternative. You can concede an argument or two and still come out ahead.

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