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Month of Mar 2020

Communications expert Mercury enters your quirky sign on March 4, so you feel free to really be yourself while having conversations. A long-term partner is probably used to your odd tangents, but if you’re single, your unusual topics of conversation might catch some dates off guard.

A Venus-Uranus conjunction on the eighth brings welcome changes to your love life, although they might take some getting used to. Even though you welcome most innovation and experimentation, you’re still a fixed sign at heart.

Determined Saturn enters your eccentric sign on March 21, so you’ll be interested in changing people’s perspectives about what a traditional relationship looks like. Even if you don’t want to go the unconventional route yourself, you make it your duty to make sure all kinds of couples feel included and aren’t discriminated against.

Mighty Mars also joins forces with your humanitarian sign on the thirtieth, at which point you’ll spend a lot of your free time helping others. Taking your partner along to one of your volunteer gigs can bring the two of you closer together. Charity events are also a great way for a single Water Bearer to meet like-minded people, one of whom might turn into a romantic partner at some point in the future.

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