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Month of Jan 2021

The combination of fast-paced Mercury in your forward-thinking sign on January 8 is enough to give your love life a complete overhaul. You’re into new ideas and concepts now that don’t come close to traditional. You’re a romantic visionary, willing to consider just about any type of relationship out there.

Revolutionary Uranus, your ruler, goes direct in steady Taurus on the fourteenth, so it won’t be the earth-shattering event it might be if Uranus were traveling through a different sign. As it is, however, it can lead to plenty of romantic rebellion. You just might not be as quick to make changes as you normally would.

The sun leaves rule follower Capricorn and partners with your freedom-seeking sign on January 19, opening you up to new possibilities. You should enjoy this less restrictive time, although your increased aloofness could keep you from getting emotionally close to someone you really care about.

Tech-savvy Mercury is in your unique sign when it enters its first retrograde cycle of the year on the thirtieth, leading to a whole lot of frustration. The more you count on your phone and other technology to communicate with your partner or find people to date, the harder this disruptive transit will be. Have your local repair shop on speed dial!

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