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Month of Aug 2019

When your ruler Uranus turns retrograde on August 11, some of your rebellious personality calms down, which could be good for a current relationship. Are you finally ready to settle down? Perhaps. You don’t object as much now to traditional relationships, which will be surprising to the people closest to you.

A full moon in your sign on the fifteenth turns up the eccentric behavior, and your perfect match now is someone who gets you – or wants to get to know your unique personality better. You really don’t want limitations or restrictions placed on you now. The freer you’re allowed to be the better.

The organized Virgo sun shows up on August 23, just in time to help you do a little tidying up. Will you find some romantic memorabilia while you’re cleaning out your closets? Undoubtedly. Will there be a song that reminds you of an ex while you’re deleting old playlists? Of course. Remembering the good times doesn’t mean you want to relive them, though. Make that clear to a current partner if they get jealous.

You have a lot of different options during the bold sun-Uranus trine on the twenty-ninth, so what are you in the mood for? You love to be experimental, and this transit gives you some off-the-wall ideas. If you have someone in your life who likes to indulge your fantasies, this is the time to make some bold suggestions!

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