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Month of Aug 2019

You like to get straight to the point, but when Mercury is direct in Cancer, as it is at the start of the month, you see the value in being sweet and compassionate. This soft-spoken combination urges you to approach love with a kindness that you don’t usually like to display.

Expansive Jupiter goes direct on August 11, giving you the chance to rethink a past romantic decision. The more you think about what you would do differently this time around, the easier it will be to make the changes you should have made in the first place.

Your ruler Mars joins forces with practical Virgo on the eighteenth, at which point you’re very into being punctual as well as neat and tidy. A long-term partner will be surprised to see you make a valiant effort to meet on time - and so well put together!

Love goddess Venus enters Virgo’s organized sign on August 21, so this is a good time to go through your romantic contacts and see which numbers are still valid. If you’re in a committed relationship, you can probably delete of a lot of the DMs that admirers still send you!

A powerful Mars-Uranus trine on the twenty-eighth supports romantic risks, but be sure you’re aware of the potential payoffs versus the consequences. They say nothing ventured, nothing gained, but then again, why try to fix something that’s not broken?

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