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Month of Mar 2020

The Venus-Saturn square on March 3 takes your focus off your love life, leaving your partner or someone you’ve shown interest in lately to wonder what’s going on with you. You might not be able (or want) to explain yourself now, but have an explanation ready for future discussions.

A full moon in practical Virgo on the ninth balances out the dreamy Pisces sun, so you might start to realize some things about your close personal relationships that you’ve been trying to avoid facing. You’ll try to subdue excessive feelings that arise now. Looking at things from a practical perspective helps.

The sun moves into your bold, impulsive sign on March 19, and for the next month you love taking risks when it comes to romance. Whether it’s proposing to your main squeeze, further committing to a current partner, or finally asking out your crush, you’re here for it.

A new moon in your spontaneous sign on the twenty-fourth increases the odds of you doing something surprising and bold. You can’t abide sitting around waiting for something to happen, so you’re likely to take the lead. Welcome to a new and exciting chapter in your love life!

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