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Love Horoscope This Month

Month of Sep 2020

Watch out, Capricorn! When romantic Venus meets up with dramatic Leo on September 6, you might just lose control (and like it)! You like to keep a calm exterior, but there’s something about this fiery transit that has you showing your true feelings. Someone will be very attracted to this outgoing persona you’re showing off!

A new moon in responsible Virgo on the seventeenth changes the pace and allows you to show what you’re capable of as a romantic partner. The best way for you to demonstrate your reliability is to follow through with the things you’ve committed to. Nothing says “I’m flaky” like not doing something you promised to do.

It might be hard to communicate effectively during the Mercury-Pluto square on September 20, especially if you let certain emotions get in the way. The deeper you try to go into your own or someone else’s psyche, the more confused you’ll become. Try to stay away from dark thoughts and wielding words as weapons.

Your ruler Saturn goes direct while in your own ambitious sign on the twenty-eighth, bringing your romantic goals into focus again. If you’ve lost sight of them recently, it will be nice to regroup and rededicate yourself toward what you truly want. Where would you like to be in a year? If you can envision it, you can achieve it.

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