Capricorn Love Monthly

Love Horoscope This Month

For The Month Of July 2021

This month, your guiding planet Saturn is hosted by innovative air sign Aquarius, giving you ideas about romantic experimentation and encouraging you to make some changes. While your responsibilities will most likely always remain your first priority, you can still mix it up a little and have some offbeat fun.

There’s a trying opposition between loving Venus in fiery Leo and hardworking Saturn in Aquarius on July 6, making it difficult for you to choose between just letting go to have a good time and sticking with what you know you should be doing. Again, your willpower will be tested, but your earthy resolve is strong.

Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom, goes retrograde in sometimes psychic Pisces on the fourteenth, reminding you that you can use your intuition to help make difficult romantic decisions. Your head is in the clouds now, but your dreams hold important clues. Watch for obvious signs while you alternate between fantasy and reality.

Forceful Mars leaves fiery Leo and enters critical Virgo on July 29, at which point you might start to notice little cracks in your perfect love life. You find out now what has been true all along: your crush or current partner isn’t perfect after all! But guess what? They don’t need to hear you list all of their faults! That’s a major turnoff, Capricorn!

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