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Month of Jan 2020

You want to find out all there is to know about the person you’re interested in or in love with as the moon moves through your curious sign on January 6. Use technology to your advantage as you search for info. Just don’t believe everything you read on social media, Gemini. It’s best to get most personal information straight from the source!

An ambitious sun-Mercury conjunction in determined Capricorn on the tenth shows you that you can accomplish a lot once you put your mind to it. Have you reached your love goals or do you still have a ways to go? Writing down your ideas puts you one step closer to acting on them.

Your outlook on love might diversify as your perceptive home planet Mercury joins eccentric Aquarius on January 16. Maybe there isn’t a need to put a label on a current relationship or define what you’re looking for. Letting things progress organically and without judgment works in your favor.

Sultry Venus is squared up against powerful Mars on the twenty-sixth, which could create some tense sexual situations. You walk a thin line when it comes to passion, power, and control, and it’s easy to cross over to the wrong side. Don’t apply any pressure now. The results won’t be what you hope for.

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