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Month of Mar 2020

You love to talk to people when communicative Mercury enters friendly fellow air sign Aquarius on March 4. If you’re looking for love, conversations between you and attractive strangers flow easily. For committed Twins, this engaging planetary combo makes your discussions with your partner fresh, thought-provoking, and, yup, maybe a little weird (not that there’s anything wrong with that)!

If you feel like your love life has been out of control lately, there’s a full moon in practical Virgo on the ninth that helps bring you back to earth. This lunation can help you gather your thoughts and make more cohesive decisions when it comes to romance, which is something you could really use right now.

Talkative Mercury moves into shy Pisces on March 16, making communication a little more subdued. If you have a partner you trust, you’ll be willing to open up to them and talk about your feelings. If you aren’t ready to open up to your current partner or a potential new one, think hard about the reasons behind your hesitation.

A Venus-Jupiter trine comes along on the twenty-eighth, making you feel grateful for your life and the people in it. If you have a loving partner, make it known how lucky you feel to have them. If you’re single, trust that something good is in your future. A positive attitude is rewarded.

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