Gemini Love Monthly

Love Horoscope This Month

For The Month Of September 2021

The air trine between your communicative home planet Mercury in Libra and driven Saturn in Aquarius on September 4 is a very fair-minded influence under which you can make a difficult romantic decision. You can probably come to your own conclusions, but asking for advice from trusted loved ones or a professional counselor is also beneficial.

Aggressive Mars is also partnered with balanced Libra starting on the fourteenth, at which point you become more easygoing and perhaps a bit less intense. Your romantic goals are still important, but you’re much more diplomatic about obtaining them. Your charm gets you further than being loud does now.

There’s a full moon in sensitive Pisces on September 20 that can make you extremely sympathetic to what a current or potential lover is going through. You make an excellent listener now, and offering your shoulder to cry on is a warm gesture that won’t soon be forgotten.

Another Mercury retrograde cycle gets underway while Mercury is traveling with balanced kindred air sign Libra on the twenty-sixth. Although the usual things will probably go wrong, you have a relaxed way of dealing with this retrograde’s mishaps. If your texts don’t seem to be going through, try communicating face-to-face.

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