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Month of Mar 2020

When Mercury teams up with eccentric Aquarius on March 4, your ideas are a little different. Your partner might express surprise when you suggest something experimental, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t into it. Single Lions, let your unique personality shine when getting to know someone new. People either get you now or they don’t.

The sun enters kindred fire sign Aries on the nineteenth, bringing out your competitiveness. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll probably challenge your partner to a game of anything and everything. Just remember that love isn’t about who wins and who loses. Single Leos, if you find out someone else is interested in your crush, show them why they should choose you!

The lucky Venus-Jupiter trine on March 28 reminds you that your love life has provided you with some very happy moments, and that there are more to come. Even if things haven’t worked out exactly the way you wanted them to lately, you still have hope.

Aggressive Mars moves into humanitarian Aquarius on the thirtieth, making this a great time to take your partner along to your volunteer meetings. Helping others together will strengthen your own bond. If you’re still looking for love, you might find it at a charity-related event. You get along best with other people who want to make the world a better place.

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