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Month of Jan 2020

There’s a dramatic full moon in artistic Cancer on January 10 that brightens your love life with the promise of possibilities. A lunar eclipse occurs at the same time, balanced out by the practical Capricorn sun. A bit of equilibrium is nice in this time of extreme emotions, as it will keep you from going too far off the deep end.

A sun-Pluto conjunction in responsible Capricorn on the thirteenth reminds you of what’s truly important in your love life. If you’re not already with someone, you might consider getting back together with an ex. Is going backward a good idea, or would you be better off focusing on the future? That’s definitely something to think about, Libra.

An uneasy Mercury-Uranus square on January 18 makes communicating difficult, and you might find yourself trying to cancel plans and make alternative ones so often that it gets to be confusing. It’s hard to plan a first date or important anniversary celebration under these circumstances, so keep that in mind when you’re strategizing.

The Venus-Mars square on the twenty-sixth is a steamy one, but there are unnecessary and unexpected snags in your romantic plans. Does everything have to be perfect for you to be in the mood for love? No, but it helps.

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