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Love Horoscope This Month

For The Month Of September 2021

Venus, your guiding planet, is traveling with your pleasant sign at the start of the month, which gives your love life a peaceful balance. When she pairs up with intense water sign Scorpio on September 10, however, you might start to experience feelings of jealousy, regret, loss, anger, and/or temptation. Try not to control things that aren’t any of your business.

With aggressive Mars leaving practical Virgo for your airy sign on the fourteenth, you can regain some of the equilibrium that you lost earlier in the month. Although your love life may suffer from procrastination and/or low energy in the coming weeks, you can still make good decisions. Your sense of fairness ensures no one is left out.

September 20 brings a full moon in water sign Pisces, so your intuition will be your most accurate guide. If you have a major relationship decision to make, follow your gut instincts. Your dreams play an instrumental role in the choices you make now as well. Tune in to your subconscious for clues to romantic happiness.

There’s an ambitious Mars-Saturn air sign trine on the twenty-fifth that can help you take advantage of your strength and stamina. Difficult relationship issues don’t seem insurmountable when you’re surrounded by this encouraging energy. Take the next step even though it’s intimidating or scary. 

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