Libra Love Monthly

Love Horoscope This Month

Month of Jan 2021

With your ruler Venus linked up with exciting, passionate Sagittarius at the beginning of the month, there are all kinds of romantic options on the table. You have an optimistic attitude and a willingness to try just about anything in the name of love. Luck is on your side, Libra!

Venus leaves exciting Sagittarius to team up with steady Capricorn on January 8, so your main priority will be loyalty. If you’re in a relationship, show your partner that you only have eyes for them. If you’re in the dating world, casual flings won’t be your thing for the next couple weeks.

The Venus-Uranus trine on the thirteenth has a slightly disruptive vibe, if only because of its unpredictable nature. Certain aspects of your love life are up in the air now, leaving you with an uncertain feeling. You don’t have to have everything mapped out exactly, but you’d like to at least know some of the details in advance.

Your dependability factor might wane a bit when the sun leaves steady Capricorn for offbeat Aquarius on January 19, but it’s replaced by an open mind and a willingness to experiment. Have you and your current lover been talking about trying something new? Do it now. Single Libras, date someone who isn’t your usual type for a fun and totally unique experience.

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