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Month of Mar 2020

You aren’t the most adventurous lover when romantic Venus teams up with conservative Taurus on March 4. Sensuous yes, but you won’t break any records for trying new things. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to what you like and what you’re comfortable with, Pisces.

Thoughtful Mercury stops by your quiet sign on the sixteenth, throwing you into a world of make-believe. You get away with playing hard to get now because it seems genuine. Few people know it isn’t an act. You pick and choose your lovers very carefully.

Your wild side comes out when the sun enters the Ram’s bold sign on March 19, and as your inhibitions lower, so does your sense of potential consequences. Although you’re normally very aware of what might happen if you act impulsively, Pisces, either you seem to have forgotten or you’re willing to ignore it now.

A powerful Mars-Pluto conjunction on the twenty-third puts you in charge, and you might actually like controlling your love life. Be careful not to become power hungry, though, because you could get in over your head if you do. If thoughts come up now that you’ve been trying to suppress, physical activity is a good way to push them back down, but only temporarily.

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