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Month of Mar 2020

Your conversations flow easily and freely when communicative Mercury meets up with airy Aquarius on March 4. This is an ideal time to talk about anything that’s considered unconventional or weird with a partner or date.

A new moon in impulsive Aries on the twenty-fourth renews your passion for someone (a current partner or an ex) and encourages you to do less talking and take more action. Because you have extra energy now, it’s a good time to plan adventurous or extreme activities with the person you choose to spend your romantic time with.

A much-anticipated Venus-Jupiter trine on March 28 puts you in an optimistic mood and makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. If you’re in a committed relationship, you feel deeply that you’re destined to be together. If single, look for signs that point you toward your soul mate.

Powerful Mars moves into airy Aquarius on the thirtieth, giving you a clear mind and the ability to revolutionize the world. Love can be a radicalizing force, and you can use it to make the universe a better place. Start with your own personal relationships and try to work up to something bigger.

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