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Month of Jan 2021

Guess what, Sagittarius? Venus, the goddess of all things romantic, is in your fiery, passionate sign to start the month, and your love life is red hot! For this first week of the month, enjoy the kind of spontaneity and adventure that you wish for all year long.

However, Venus moves into the much more serious sign of Capricorn on January 8, at which point chasing excitement yields to your responsibilities and commitments. This more ambitious side of you has deadlines and goals when it comes to love, so don’t ignore this opportunity to get ahead in the love game. By this time next month, you could be in a totally better place thanks to the effort you put in now.

There’s a conjunction between conversational Mercury in outgoing Aries and your own expansive ruler on the eleventh, providing you with lots of chances to talk to new people. If you’re already committed to someone, use your newfound voice to debate hot topics. After a few heated arguments, you will both feel better about where you stand on certain issues.

January 23 brings a Mars-Jupiter square that encourages you to move forward with something before you’re ready. Yes, you’re anxious—to pop the question, to DM your crush, or to tell a platonic friend you’ve got feelings for them—but this isn’t the right time. Be patient a little longer. You’ll know when it feels right.

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