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Month of Aug 2019

Communications expert Mercury is now out of its retrograde period, still traveling in the watery sign of Cancer. Your personal interactions are always tinged with emotion, but now you’re slightly more willing to open up about what you’re truly feeling.

Rebellious Uranus goes retrograde on August 11, at which point love could veer in many different directions. You aren’t usually one to take a lot of romantic risks, but you can see the payoff of dating someone out of the ordinary now. However, do your best to avoid obsessive behavior.

Your ruler Mars takes on the rigidity of Virgo starting on the eighteenth, so you’ll want to stick to the plan and not go too far outside your comfort zone. You can also be somewhat overcritical now, but it isn’t fair to judge a date or a partner too harshly when they’re trying their best to impress you.

The sun enters Virgo’s critical sign on August 23, but you can use its detail-oriented energy to make improvements in your love life now. Turn your constructive criticism inward to figure out what positive relationship changes you can make. Single Scorpios: Getting things in order now will help make room for when you find that someone special.

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