Taurus Love Monthly

Love Horoscope This Month

For The Month Of October 2021

With your ruler Venus in guarded Scorpio during her sextile with regenerative Pluto on October 2, you’re a little more willing to share your innermost thoughts with a current or potential partner if you think it will help a situation evolve. Sharing secrets does bring you closer together, but there could be a hidden consequence.

Venus moves out of Scorpio and into fiery Sagittarius on the seventh, giving you the next three weeks to have some romantic adventures with very few strings attached. If you’re part of a couple, explore your options together. Single Bulls, get ready for some fun and excitement with someone new.

The sun shifts into Scorpio’s powerful sign on October 22, renewing your strong sense of confidence and infusing your love life with mysterious passion. You love to play hard to get or try to figure out who your secret admirer is now. The more intrigue the better!

Mars rules emotional Scorpio, so when it also starts its journey with this watery sign on the thirtieth, you have a hard time holding back. Although you might not express everything you’re feeling, you’re overwhelmed with emotion on the inside.

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