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Month of Mar 2020

The Venus-Saturn square on March 3 can cause loneliness whether you’re in a relationship or not. Sometimes being with someone and being sad is worse than being alone, as anyone who’s been in love can probably attest. You’ll pull out of this funk quickly, but the pain is very real and raw now.

Your power planet enters your stubborn sign on the fourth, so Bulls in relationships might be particularly difficult to deal with. You want to make final major decisions and have the last word, but that isn’t how it works when you’re in a partnership. Single Bulls, you match best with patient signs like Virgo and Pisces now.

A Venus-Uranus conjunction on March 8 encourages you to try new things, which can be great for your love life. Breaking out of your routine can be scary at first, but the excitement should overcome any nervousness you have.

A fortunate Venus-Jupiter trine on the twenty-eighth helps end the month on a positive note, enabling you to realize just how lucky you are. Even if you’re not exactly where you want to be regarding a relationship, you still have a lot to look forward to, and not everyone can say that. Count your lucky stars.

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