Virgo Love Monthly

Love Horoscope This Month

For The Month Of October 2021

Your month begins with your ruler Mercury paired with lovely Libra in its last retrograde cycle of the year, so things might not be as bad as usual. You’re able to talk your way out of most verbal mix-ups, which helps you avoid some awkward and/or embarrassing moments.

October 9 brings a powerful Mercury-Mars conjunction that encourages you to do what you say you’re going to do. If you tell your partner that you’ll text them when you get someplace, then do it. If you tell someone you’re getting to know via a dating app that you’ll call them at a certain time, do it. Words aren’t just words now.

Mercury goes direct while still in fair-minded Libra on the eighteenth, putting an end to a lot of the frustration you’ve been going through these last few weeks. Try not to be too upset with anyone who claims they tried to get hold of you recently, especially because you can’t prove for certain that it’s not true.

A powerful couple forms with Mars entering Scorpio on October 30, enabling you to be more confident and sure of your sexual abilities. Most people find you irresistible during this transit, Virgo, so take full advantage of that!

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