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Love Horoscope This Month

For The Month Of January 2022

Your thoughts are quite serious as your quick-thinking ruler Mercury is partnered with earth sign Capricorn on Jan. 1, but, by the second, Mercury is in free-thinking Aquarius, allowing your thoughts to drift into unknown territory. The more innovative and eccentric your solutions to your romantic problems, the easier they are to solve this week.

The first Mercury retrograde cycle of the year starts on the fourteenth, while Mercury is still paired with logical Aquarius. When things go wrong in your love life over the next couple weeks (and they will), you can rely on the Water Bearer’s eager sense of individuality and uniqueness to smooth things over.

The winter sun also drifts into the rebellious airspace of Aquarius on Jan. 19, and, for the next month or so, you’re in the mood to buck the system. Changing up your romantic moves from your usual routine doesn’t come easily, but the results are worth it!

Mercury is still retrograde as it backs into Capricorn again on the twenty-fourth, where your advanced logic and innate sense of responsibility can really work to your advantage, While other signs are panicking about the unsettled state of their love life, you remain calm—which is a very attractive quality in a partner, current or potential.


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