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Week 30 of 2021 Week Starting at July 26 - 01

This week, your subconscious worries may impede your perspective of the present moment. As Mercury in your practical sixth house opposes Pluto in your twelfth house of spirituality, it’s important to get grounded when these fears crop up. If you’re communicating from a place of fear, try communicating from a place of honesty instead. It may help smooth over misunderstandings with your lover.

Your relationships may be on your mind once Mercury enters your harmonious seventh house on July 27. Commitment and love may be on your mind as you strive to involve your partnership into more aspects of your life. Nurturing your relationship will make a huge difference. And once Jupiter retrogrades into Aquarius on July 28, a period of deep reflection and inner growth will commence, allowing you to improve your own relationship with yourself. Self-love always comes first.

A relationship may begin to feel more exciting by July 29, when Mars in your relationship sector opposes Jupiter in Aquarius, increasing your desire for someone and your excitement toward them. However, this could also prompt you to move faster than you’re ready to. Remember to embrace the natural development of your bond. There’s no need to rush things.

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