Aquarius Love Weekly

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Week 03 of 2022 Week Starting at January 17 - 23

This is an excellent week for deepening your relationship with yourself and the things that interest you. While Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, people might not be directly vibrating with your tendency to rationalize your emotions, so try not to step on any toes. If you have any water signs in your life, have some patience with them around the sixteenth. Expect your thoughts to be inventive and possibly eccentric. You can help people look at things from a new angle, but try not to push the limits too far. This is a great week to visualize for yourself and think about how bright you want your future to be. You can teach others how to remain neutral right now and not let feelings get in the way of truth. Be sensitive to the other signs that might be struggling this week. Take the lead, and get them out of their heads. Take your partner to the movies and delve into more cultural and uplifting outings. Join a book club and maybe meet someone who can match your mental abilities.

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