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Week of Jan 18, 2021

You’re growing so much so quickly, and this week you may see the way these changes are echoing throughout other areas of your life. As the week begins, Jupiter in Aquarius is still forming a square with Uranus in your private sector, revealing changes that may make you feel insecure in a relationship. It’s time to rethink whether the relationship leaves you feeling at home.

As the Mars-Uranus conjunction lights up your fourth house of home and family on January 20, you can expect changes waiting for you in your personal life. These changes could have a profound effect on your love life if you share a living space with your lover. These changes may also leave you feeling altered, potentially rearranging the dynamic of a relationship by the twenty-third. Mars in your sensitive fourth house squares Jupiter in Aquarius, proving that you are growing and, in the process, outgrowing your previous idea of what love is.

Saturday is also when the sun-Saturn conjunction lands in your first house of the self, encouraging you to do some major reflection and discover how you can become a more mature and confident version of yourself. Focus on self-love.

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