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Week 16 of 2021 Week Starting at April 19 - 25

You have the potential to forge a beautifully emotional connection as this week begins. On April 19, the moon in your cozy fourth house will trine Neptune in your spiritual twelfth house, which could leave you feeling as though you’ve known your lover in a past life. You may even feel like you’re reading each other’s minds.

However, you run the risk of getting a little too carried away with your romantic inclinations as the week continues. On April 20, the moon in your passionate fifth house will square off with Venus in your steady second house. Although it’s exhilarating to be swept off your feet, catching feelings for someone can also leave you feeling anxious and all out of sorts. And when the moon opposes Saturn in your platonic eleventh house on April 21, your friends may even feel as though you’re spending too much time with your lover and not enough time with them.

But that’s just the beginning of this rollercoaster ride. On April 22, the Venus-Uranus conjunction will evoke change in your second house of stability. You may feel bored with the typical routine you’ve established with your partner, pushing you guys to shake things up and create some chaos. If your relationship is truly strong, this will feel more exciting than it does unsettling.

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