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Week of Jan 25, 2021

You’re drawing in powerful energy as the week begins. On January 28, Venus and Pluto join forces in your tenth house of reputation, encouraging people to talk about you (and possibly even obsess over you). While this may invite a few haters to keep on hating, it will also spark new crushes and respect from people who admire your strength. Bask in all the attention.

Romance is also on your mind when the full moon in Leo takes place on the twenty-eighth, radiating throughout your fifth house of fun and pleasure. You’re coming to terms with the temperature of your heart and yearning for a romantic connection. However, this full moon does oppose Saturn and Jupiter in your platonic eleventh house, making it harder to make that connection. What this full moon can help you do is understand what your heart wants on a deeper level, giving you more information to go on later.

You’re approaching a strange time in your social life. By January 30, Mercury turns retrograde in your eleventh house of social circles, which might encourage missed connections with the people you surround yourself with. It may also bring up friendships from your past, friendships that still leave your heart feeling confused.

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