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Week of Jan 18, 2021

Your focus on your career could create discord in a relationship as the week begins. On January 19, the moon in your ambitious tenth house forms a square with Venus in your seventh house of partnerships, and workaholic tendencies could leave you feeling unable to properly tend to your relationship.

The social energy you’re immersed in by the twentieth allows you to meet many exciting people thanks to the Mars-Uranus conjunction in your eleventh house of community. If you’re single, you could feel totally inspired by all the minds you’re connecting with. The next day, the moon in your extraverted eleventh house forms a trine with Venus, paving the way for you to deepen your affinity for whomever you click with the most.

January 23 should be romantic because Venus forms a sextile with Neptune in your expansive ninth house, encouraging you to adventure outside your comfort zone. However, this is also when the sun-Saturn conjunction lands in your emotional eighth house, bringing intimacy issues to the surface. Attempt to work through whatever is holding you back from truly letting someone in.

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