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Week 16 of 2021 Week Starting at April 19 - 25

When the week begins, all you may feel like doing is curling up on the couch with your lover while you’re all wrapped up in a blanket and six episodes deep into your favorite show. After all, on April 18, the sun-Mercury conjunction in your fourth house of home and family is reminding you to appreciate the little things. And when the moon in your partnership sector forms a trine with Neptune in your chatty third house, the conversations you and your lover have will feel downright magical.

However, when you catch feelings, it’s not always easy to process what these feelings mean. On April 20, you may feel unsure of whether these feelings are deep and meaningful or they’re just a passing crush when the moon in your emotionally intense eighth house squares off with Venus in your romantic fifth house.

You may find yourself falling for someone who’s totally not your type by April 22. This is when the Venus-Uranus conjunction will blossom in your fifth house of love and poetry. And if you’re already in a relationship, you may even feel like your love is morphing into something exciting and new. As the moon moves through your adventurous ninth house, the cosmos is urging you to take a leap of faith.

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