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Week 16 of 2021 Week Starting at April 19 - 25

Your relationships may experience moments of insecurity as this week begins. After all, on April 18, the sun-Mercury conjunction in your eleventh house of community is inviting new people into your world and encouraging social exploration. But on April 19, the moon in your second house of self-worth will oppose Pluto in your envious eighth house. If either you or your partner is feeling jealous, consider that these concerns may have more to do with your own personal baggage rather than the feelings your share for each other.

You may even be keeping secrets from each other, which could become apparent by April 20. The moon in your third house of communication will square Venus in your hidden twelfth house, leaving you feeling unsure of how honest you should be with each other. It may be difficult to see the bigger picture as the moon opposes Saturn in your expansive ninth house on April 21, leaving you concentrating too hard on one aspect of the situation.

However, secrets don’t stay secrets for long, and on April 22, you may discover so many deeper truths as the Venus-Uranus conjunction blasts through your twelfth house of spirituality. You may be surprised at what you’re unaware of, as your subconscious mind knows things your conscious mind doesn’t yet. Embrace a fuller understanding of the truth.


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