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Week 30 of 2021 Week Starting at July 26 - 01

This week, you may feel tempted to let down your guard, but also fearful of getting hurt. On July 25, Mercury in your prideful second house will oppose Pluto in your intimate eighth house, which could leave you oscillating between your desire to open your heart and your instinct for self-preservation. Trust can’t be forced, and if you truly don’t feel ready, perhaps there’s a deeper reason for it.

It may feel easier to communicate these concerns by July 27, when Mercury enters your talkative third house. However, you may tend to over-intellectualize your feelings instead of just letting your feelings speak for themselves. By July 28, Jupiter will re-enter your expansive ninth house, which will bring a sense of adventure and open-mindedness to your love life. Remember to take the beauty and fun of life as it comes.

By July 29, you may find that some of your habits in relationships are harming your growth as Venus in your fourth house of history squares off with the North Node in Gemini. The way you were taught to express love is not the only way you can express love. Don’t be afraid of trying something new with your heart.

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