Gemini Love Weekly

Love Horoscope This Week

Week 03 of 2022 Week Starting at January 17 - 23

Even though your ruling planet is retrograding, your ideas and mental power will be on fire this week. Challenges will arise, so take your time and stay present with any inspirations you feel. Sometimes, you can eradicate problems through sheer enthusiasm and optimism. Although your plans of action may be prone to erratic changes, this is what can make them succeed. With Mercury in Aquarius on the nineteenth, channel your inner pioneer. This is a great day for long conversations with your network or friends and family. Try not to commit to anything without having an escape plan, as you will need your freedom this week. Plan a date night towards the beginning of the week on the sixteenth or seventeenth and keep your calendar loose the other days. You will feel more connected to your heart-space during the full moon on the sixteenth. This is a perfect day to cozy up with someone special and make your feelings known.

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