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Week 03 of 2022 Week Starting at January 17 - 23

On the eighteenth and nineteenth, you may come face to face with a shadowy aspect of your personality. Use this energy to shed light onto and recognize any self-destructive behaviors. Your shadow does not have to be something to hide. It can also be the gateway to your superpowers. Romantically be prepared for a feeling of ultimate union or the deepest of power struggles. Try to transmute any tensions that arise into a hot sesh in the bedroom, or sign yourself up for a class where you can sweat it out. Don't shy away from any awkward encounters this week. Get your flirt on even if it feels uncomfortable. Make sure you take extra care to see things through to the end at work, as you might notice yourself getting distracted easily. Engage in interesting conversations and any ideas you have. Welcome any newfound feeling of purpose, and pay it forward for some instant karma points.

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