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Week of Jan 25, 2021

Major revelations are sweeping through your love life this week. On January 26, the sun in your partnership sector squares Uranus in your career sector, creating friction in both of these areas of your life. There’s a chance that drama in your relationship could cause problems at work, making it difficult for you to focus.

Luckily, you have a powerful opportunity to take control of your energy on the twenty-eighth. The Venus-Pluto conjunction transforms your proactive sixth house, encouraging you to take a practical approach toward your relationship problems. Sometimes all it takes is following up on your promises by taking action.

Thursday is also when the full moon radiates through your first house of the self, giving you a deep understanding of who you are and how you relate to your lover. As the full moon opposes Saturn and Jupiter in your seventh house of partnerships, it might feel difficult to find common ground in your relationship. Understand that you can’t control what your partner does, only what you do.

Unresolved issues in a relationship may arise on January 30, when Mercury’s retrograde begins in your relationship-oriented seventh house. It’s time to settle these conflicts once and for all.

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