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Week 30 of 2021 Week Starting at July 26 - 01

As this week begins, you may come to terms with some of your unhealthy coping mechanisms. On July 25, Mercury in your twelfth house of the subconscious will oppose Pluto in your sixth house of self-care, which could reveal how forgetting to prioritize your needs is not only hurting yourself, but your relationships. This week, make sure you take time to focus on the most important relationship of all—your relationship with yourself.

As Mercury enters Leo on July 27, you may start to feel more confident and energized. This shift will bring you closer to yourself, helping you remember who you are and what you need from a relationship. And as Jupiter re-enters your harmonious seventh house on July 28, there’s a strong chance that a relationship will become very important very soon. However, your relationship’s success relies on your willingness to analyze your relationship dynamics.

In fact, by July 29, your desire and interest in someone may skyrocket as Mars in Leo forms an opposition with Jupiter, emphasizing the passion between you. This energy may leave you feeling enticed by the “chase,” and the process of wooing someone. However, remember to consider what happens once the chase is over.

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