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Week of Jan 25, 2021

You could be in for an emotional roller-coaster ride this week. It all begins on January 26, when the sun in your poetic fifth house squares Uranus in your transformative eighth house. This could lead to the unexpected rise or fall of romantic feelings, so be kind to your heart. It will most likely be feeling a lot.

On the twenty-eighth, the Venus-Pluto conjunction also lights up your sensitive fourth house. You could be craving more than just a passing fling—you want a relationship you can take home to meet your parents.

That same day, a full moon sends revelations to your eleventh house of community, revealing your sentiments toward the people you associate with. However, you may also feel confused about whether a relationship is more than just a friendship as the full moon opposes Saturn and Jupiter in your romantic fifth house. This could put pressure on a budding romance, but only time will tell if it’s meant to be.

Be careful of the people you form feelings for on January 30. Mercury stations retrograde in your fifth house of crushes and flings, potentially causing an old flame to come out of the woodwork. Ask yourself if getting involved is really worth your time—or your heart.

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