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Week of Jan 25, 2021

As the week begins, you might feel pulled between spending time with your friends and spending time with your lover. On January 27, the moon transits your romantic fifth house, inspiring your desire for passion and excitement from the one you love. However, as the moon opposes the Venus-Pluto conjunction in your eleventh house of community, your attention is being drawn toward strengthening your greater social circle. You may stretch yourself thin trying to make everyone happy.

However, as the full moon reveals the truth in your sixth house of service on the twenty-eighth, you’re understanding that you only have so much to give, and it’s important to find balance when it comes to how much of yourself you give to others. As this full moon opposes Saturn and Jupiter in your twelfth house of the subconscious, it can reveal any fears that are preventing you from doing what you want as you cave to what other people ask of you.

On January 30, the moon in your seventh house of partnerships trines Mars and Uranus in your third house of communication, paving the way for you to be honest with everyone about how you feel. However, as the moon opposes Neptune in Pisces, standing up for yourself may not be easy. Remember to stick to your guns.

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