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Love Horoscope This Week

Week 16 of 2021 Week Starting at April 19 - 25

You may begin the week feeling hopeful and positive about love. After all, on April 19, the moon in your romantic fifth house will form a trine with Neptune in your first house of the self. This will make everything appear more beautiful and poetic, inspiring you to fall head over heels in love. Other people may judge you for being so unabashed in your love as the moon opposes Pluto in your eleventh house of community, but you shouldn’t cow-tow to other people’s opinions of what makes you happy.

However, someone’s actions may not be lining up with their promises by April 20. The moon in your sixth house of performance will square off with Venus in your third house of communication. You can say all the right things—but are you or your lover willing to back up your declarations of love by actually following through with what you’re saying? If you or your lover’s words are ringing hollow, they lose their power.

As the week comes to an end, a conversation with someone could change everything. In fact, you or someone else may feel compelled to confess the Venus-Uranus on April 23 sends electricity to your third house of communication. It may even be the moment someone finally tells the truth about how they feel.

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