Sagittarius Love Weekly

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Week 03 of 2022 Week Starting at January 17 - 23

This is a very active month for you Sagittarius, so make sure you are saving some energy for when things start to slow down. With Mars in your sign, you will be tempted to fly off the handle a bit. Sparks are flying from the moment you step foot outside, so don't be surprised if you see people looking at you differently this week. This type of energy can manifest either by getting into an argument with someone or channeling it into a hot night of sex. It is up to you how you transmute this energy. Stay safe, wear a helmet and have fun, too. If single, this is a good week to be out or swiping on your favorite app. If you are taken, plan a fun adventure to reconnect with your partner. When the sun enters Aquarius on the nineteenth, you might need to keep one foot on the ground so that you don't float away. This will be a wonderful week for diving into a new book or learning a new skill.

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