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Week 30 of 2021 Week Starting at July 26 - 01

You may feel incredibly turned on by intellectual exchange as this week begins. On July 25. Mercury in your ninth house of wisdom will oppose Pluto in your third house of communication, which may encourage you to cover taboo topics with your lover and get to the bottom of the truth. Just make sure that, in your search for the truth, you’re not willing to believe just anything.

On July 28, Jupiter will re-enter your fourth house of home and family, which will highlight your need for a safe and loving nest. You may feel ready to create this nest with your lover as you build a deep sense of trust and protection in your relationship. You may even feel the desire to move in together or redesign your home together. Even making a point of sharing home-cooked meals at home could make a difference.

However, on July 29, you may feel a relationship is being curbed by the “friend zone.” As Venus in your platonic eleventh house squares off with the North Node in your intimate eighth house, there’s a chance you may feel resistant to deeper feelings, even though the universe is guiding you toward a more meaningful love. Ask yourself what’s holding you back.

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