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Week of Jan 18, 2021

You could be more concerned about your career and personal growth than love as this week begins. After all, you’re still feeling the impact of Jupiter in your tenth house of social status squaring off with Uranus in Taurus. However, as you integrate these career shifts, you might find yourself attracted to a mentor or someone older.

Change is rocking your world this week, especially by January 20, when Mars and Uranus join forces in your first house of the self. This could lead to unexpected separations as you hone in on your independence and break through whatever has been holding you back from self-actualization. However, on the twenty-first, the Taurus moon forms a trine with Venus in your expansive ninth house, reminding you that there are plenty of fish in the sea. If a separation is imminent, it also means that an adventure is about to begin.

You’re taking back control of your life by January 23. The sun-Saturn conjunction in your ambitious tenth house may leave you with a startling realization about what you’re meant to focus on. Perhaps this indicates that now is the time to concentrate on yourself and allow love to find you and unfold around you naturally.

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