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Week 16 of 2021 Week Starting at April 19 - 25

You’re embracing forgiving and compassionate energy as this week begins. On April 18, the sun-Mercury conjunction in your spiritual twelfth house is encouraging you to heal the wounds you’ve experienced in your love life and embrace a deeper understanding of love. In fact, on April 19, the moon in your chatty third house will trine Neptune in your eleventh house of friendships, putting you in a beautiful position to mingle and socialize in a meaningful way.

However, you may find it difficult to simply be yourself as the week continues. On April 20, the moon in your fourth house of belonging will square Venus in your first house of the self. You may feel tempted to conform to something that doesn’t feel right to you in order to fit in more comfortably. Luckily, by April 22, you will find it easier to choose self-love as the moon in your fifth house of self-expression trines the sun in Taurus. This will give you a loving boost, helping you honor your passion and flare.

Your relationships could really experience a shakeup by the end of the week. On April 22, Venus will join forces with Uranus in Taurus, tapping into your need for independence and freedom. If you’re in a relationship that feels constricting or controlling, you might prefer being on your own for a while.

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