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Week 30 of 2021 Week Starting at July 26 - 01

Harsh words could be exchanged as this week begins. As Mercury in your communication sector opposes Pluto in your ninth house of perspective on July 25, you and your lover may not see eye to eye on something. However, that doesn’t mean one disagreement needs to be a big deal. Decide what’s truly important, because you don’t need to agree on everything.

Fortunately, by July 27, your tone and your intent may soften as Mercury enters your nurturing fourth house. This may help you leave behind the intellectual conflicts and center your focus on matters of the heart. It’s not always about what you think, but what you feel.

By July 29, you may feel tempted to compromise your values for love. As Venus in your romantic fifth house squares off with the North Node in your second house of pride, it’s important to identify what may be a dealbreaker in a relationship. It doesn’t matter how cute your crush is when you know you want different things. But don’t worry, because a summer of love is about to begin on July 29, when Mars enters your flirtatious fifth house. Prepare for your desires to be switched on, because you’re ready to dance way past midnight.

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