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Week 03 of 2022 Week Starting at January 17 - 23

This week shifts into a more connected tone for you, Taurus. As the north node of Destiny enters Taurus on the eighteenth, this opens up doors to uncovering your soul's purpose in life. Keep an eye out for signs from the universe or repeating numbers on the eighteenth and nineteenth. If you find yourself craving material security, start planning what you want to manifest in the new year and stay present with your current circumstances. Prioritize your pleasure and values, start making a mood board for the coming months. This goes for your relationships as well. Make sure you surround yourself with people who align with your value system. Plan something with your lover or a self-love day that arouses the senses on the seventeenth during the full moon. It might take a bit of inspiration to get the mojo working, but you will feel right at home once you do.

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