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Week 16 of 2021 Week Starting at April 19 - 25

You may be craving deep, transcendent conversations with your lover this week. On April 18, the sun and Mercury will become one in your eighth house of intimacy, urging you to talk about what’s real. Share secrets, tell your truth, and allow yourself to be known. And on April 19, you’ll be in a beautiful position to make new friends and see the good in people when the moon in your eleventh house of community forms a trine with Neptune in your seventh house of partnerships.

However, you and your lover could be communicating in different ways by the middle of the week. On April 20, the moon in your intuitive twelfth house will square off with Venus in your philosophical ninth house. If you’re over-intellectualizing things or immersing yourself too deeply in your emotions, try to find a middle ground. The truth may be somewhere between both of your perspectives.

You may travel somewhere totally unexpected with a lover on April 22, when Venus and Uranus join forces in your exotic ninth house. If you’re single, you may even meet someone as you say “yes” to spontaneous opportunities. Your romantic experiences now have the power to change your mind about something in a major way.

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