Gemini Love Yearly

Gemini 2021 Love Horoscope

Your love life promises to be one of the most interesting pieces of the coming year. You'd better buckle up and get ready for many surprises ahead, because it's going to be a wild ride! This is both true for single and coupled Twins. Any relationship changes that happened last year were destined to happen.

Under the influence of the nodal shifts on May 5, 2020, many Gemini fell out with their partners or came to a very clear understanding regarding what they wanted and didn't want. Last year's eclipses brought some major turning point energies for you and your love connections. Those events could have taken a toxic partnership out of your life and set you up for a newer, more stable connection later in the year. Well, these lunar phases also tie into this year's transits.

This energy returned around November 30 with a penumbral lunar eclipse in your own sign magnetically spilling the tea and maybe even having you or someone in your life proclaim their feelings. Your crushes are totally into you!

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