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Scorpio 2019 Love Horoscope

You’ve always been a soldier of love, Scorpio. But with Uranus marching into your opposite sign on March 6 and staying there until 2026, it’s time to join the revolution!

Uranus in Taurus is all about overturning the status quo in your relationships. If you’re looking for love, the people you attract (or feel attracted to) this year may surprise you. Maybe it’s just for fun… or maybe it’s signaling a shift in priorities?

If you’re in a relationship, shakeups, wakeups, and even breakups are possible. But this transit can also inspire innovative solutions to your most persistent problems—jealousy, possessiveness, intimacy issues, you name it. After all, Scorpio, loyal lovers like you have to fight to keep your love alive. And there’s no one better than Uranus to break you out of a relationship rut!

In April and May, as the sun, Mercury, and Venus meet up with Uranus, unexpected revelations from or about your partner can cause you to see them in a different light. And they’re likely to feel the same in October and November, when those planets plus Mars (in your sign) oppose Uranus. Just make sure you’re not projecting your own stuff onto each other.

After all, boundaries can be an issue for you—especially with Neptune still in his home sign of Pisces. And Jupiter’s three squares with Neptune (January 13, June 16, and September 21) only amplify your tendency to blur the lines.

Mercury’s extended stay in Pisces (February 10-April 16) opens up the lines of compassionate communication. But it also encourages seductive sweet-talk, which may or may not be truthful. Be careful not to get—or give—the wrong idea, especially while Mercury is retrograde (March 5-28).

By October, when Mercury and Venus in your sign trine Neptune in Pisces, you and your significant other are more likely to be on the same wavelength. It’s a great time to merge your creative energies and channel them into a shared vision—ideally, one that extends beyond the two of you and your own little world.

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