Cancer Zodiac sign in green

Cancer Zodiac Sign: Love and Personality

Cancer is fiercely protective and loyal, as well as very sensitive and emotional

Cancer has a lot of the ideal traits that you may look for in a loving and last relationship. They are often loving, protective and extremely creative. On the downside, they can appear overly cautious, moody and a little unpredictable. Cancer is among the hardest to stereotype of all the Zodiac signs.

Personality traits

The Cancer will generally have a marked preference for the stability and comfort of home life rather than an explorative, outgoing nature. They have a natural protective instinct, both of their property and their loved ones. They are rightly much more concerned with their surroundings being suitable for themselves and their family than whether they will impress others.

Although Cancer is usually very sensitive and emotional, they will seldom allow themselves to show this side of their personality, which tends to make them appear the very opposite. However, when they are in a loving relationship they do not hide their true emotions from their partner, who may find them surprisingly emotional and insecure.

The Cancer will sometimes be found wanting to improve their social skills due to an apparent shyness and insecurity. But this is not always a negative factor, as others will relate to them and form strong, long-lasting friendships.

Shy girl feeling lonely while others talk
The Cancer will sometimes be found wanting to improve their social skills due to an apparent shyness and insecurity | Getty Images

They can be very observant and intelligent, with excellent intuition. This can be very desirable qualities in both a relationship and in business. Cancer is usually very sensitive when it comes to money matters, as they value their financial security.

What it's like to date a Cancer

Because they are quite fragile, those born under the sign of Cancer do need a strong partner who can provide constant support and encouragement. They can be quite easily offended and may tend to sulk for long periods if not brought out of it by their partner. They can find it difficult to put their trust in somebody and are naturally reticent about opening up to others.

Not only that, but they can also tend to live far too much in the past and sometimes need to be hurried along to avoid life passing them by. These emotional drawbacks can make life a very difficult experience for the Cancer, as they can be very badly affected by a conflict of any kind.

There are always contradictions with the Cancer. Although they can appear shy and withdrawn, they actually crave a little adventure in their lives. Whilst finding it difficult to put their trust in people, once they have done, so they will want that friendship to last a lifetime. Similarly, with relationships, they may take their first serious lover to be their life partner.

Couple at their wedding in a lake
These natives may take their first serious lover to be their life partner | Getty Images

The Cancer woman is very passionate, perceptive and sensual, but may hide this under a cool exterior. She may take a while to reveal her deepest emotions but is not averse to being romanced as she likes to feel wanted and loved but with solid foundations for a relationship to build on. She can also be quite moody and irrational.

The Cancer male can be romantic and affectionate, but will also be slow and cautious because of his fear of rejection. Being rejected is a crushing blow to a Cancer, perhaps more so than any other sign. Once trust is established within the relationship, then everything else follows more easily. It won’t exactly be a whirlwind romance, but it can ultimately be extremely rewarding.

The Cancer of both sexes make excellent physical lovers, but do not expect too much in the way of experimentation or fantasy from this very conservative sign. They may be receptive to change, but they will never suggest it themselves.

In a long-term relationship,  the Cancer is fiercely protective and loyal. If you can cope with their contradictions and get to know their inner selves, you could scarcely have a more reliable, considerate and loving life partner.