Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Zodiac Sign: Love and Personality

Capricorns can have sudden mood changes, but they are known for their careful and patient nature

Capricorn has numerous positive traits that are invaluable in any lasting relationship. They are known for their careful and patient nature as well as being practical, but at the same time ambitious. Their weaknesses include erring on the side of caution and being a little pessimistic.

Personality traits

Capricorns are known for being solid and reliable people with their feet firmly planted on the ground. This often manifests itself in their working lives, as they make excellent group leaders and naturally progress to managerial roles.

They can be extremely persistent, sometimes to an irritating degree, but they are basically ensuring that the job gets done efficiently and on time. They can be a touch over-zealous in this regard, which may lead to them not being particularly popular among colleagues. 

Capricorns can have sudden mood changes, switching from being fun and entertaining to seeming quite withdrawn. These can sometimes prefer to solve problems on their own rather than discussing them, and consequently develop relatively few serious relationships. However, the relationships they do form tend to last forever.

A team leader is lecturing other employees
Capricorns make excellent group leaders and naturally progress to managerial roles | Getty Images

They do not judge people on their physical appearance alone, and “love at first sight” is not likely to be on their agenda. They warm to people over time and are often attracted by intelligence, ambition, and diligence.

What it's like to date a Capricorn

Capricorn men have a reputation for taking a long time to settle down, preferring to achieve many of his ambitions in work and travel before seeking a true life partner. Although the Capricorn male is a notoriously slow starter, he will grow within a strong relationship and gradually reveal their more powerful and endearing traits.

Should the relationship progress to marriage and children, he assumes the role of provider and protector without hesitation, rather like a work promotion. There will be times when your patience will be tested, but you can feel secure in the knowledge that he has the interests of the household at heart.

The Capricorn woman is equally ambitious and will expect the same need for fulfillment from her partner. She also desires the ultimate goal of a safe and secure family, but usually after she has experienced something of life.

Couple drinking beer and having fun at a party
Capricorn men have a reputation for taking a long time to settle down | Getty Images

She uses these experiences to her advantage and is continually developing and looking to progress, something she also expects of a relationship. The Capricorn, rather like a fine wine, could almost be said to get better with age. They also tend to have a greater passion and may consequently be more open to a physical relationship than the male Capricorn.

Whilst romance may not be a natural instinct for the Capricorn, they can make surprisingly sensual and exciting lovers. This more adventurous side is often kept hidden by a cool exterior, which only their partner may have access to. They believe in a strong and stable home environment and, if the chemistry is right, they will be able to commit wholeheartedly to the relationship.

The Capricorn may take a long time considering all their options and analyzing every aspect of a prospective mate, but there is little doubt that they possess all the attributes necessary to make a very loving and committed partner.