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Leo Zodiac Sign: Love and Personality

Leos are creative and passionate, when they are in love they are completely devoted to their partner

Leo is blessed with many positive traits such as generosity, warmth, loyalty, and creativity. They usually have a kind and loving disposition, which makes them attractive partners. However, they can also be controlling and intolerant, so there are plenty of factors to consider if a lasting relationship with a Leo is to be achieved.

Personality traits

The Leo is generally a warm-hearted individual who will provide you with a lifelong friendship once you have gained their trust. But, should you cross a Leo, then you run the risk of having created an enemy for life. The Leo can have very focused attention to whatever challenge is put before them and a determination to see it through to a conclusion.

In pursuit of their goal, they can appear stubborn or even obsessive. They much prefer to be in control than to follow orders, which can be a good quality if it knits well with a less domineering prospective partner.

Leo is very open and direct when expressing themselves and love to be the center of attention. They are often highly creative with a keen interest in the arts. They are very outgoing and love to socialize, being prepared to go to great lengths to please their friends and loved ones.

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Leo is very open and direct when expressing themselves and love to be the center of attention | Getty Images

A Leo makes a very reliable friend and will be there when you need them most. Because of their natural leadership qualities, they can get along very well with almost anyone and this, aligned with their need for perfection, can be a great asset in business.

Unfortunately, they are not usually a good judge of character, possibly this is more true of the male who likes to be praised and may not question the source or the motive.

What it's like to date a Leo

Leo loves deeply and passionately, and will be devoted to their partner. They are generous and romantic, and will go above and beyond to make their partner happy. If they fall out with their partner, they can become temporarily withdrawn, but they can usually move on with their faith quickly restored and dedicate themselves to a new lover.

This is particularly true of the Leo male who, whilst he likes to be the dominant partner, can display deeply loving feelings once they feel secure in a lasting relationship. They do genuinely seek a lifelong partner and enjoy stability in their lives. A Leo woman values her independence and can be a little fiery.

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Leo will go above and beyond to make their partner happy | Getty Images

They can also be intelligent, ambitious and, like the Leo male, much prefer to be in control. They do not like to settle for second best and can appear a little pretentious and melodramatic. Consequently, they make take several lovers before they find a truly suitable partner. However, deep down they are very sensitive, and they adore attention and lavish gifts. They can also make for very adventurous and passionate lovers.

The Leo will not be everyone’s ideal partner but, if you can harness that slightly enlarged ego and provide them with security and a sincere loving relationship, then they will make fiercely protective, passionate and rewarding partners.