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Libra Zodiac Sign: Love and Personality

Libras are good mediators and have a hard-working attitude

Libra is blessed with some of the most valuable qualities to preserve and enhance a relationship. They are among the most understanding and considerate of lovers and will go to great lengths to resolve any issues that arise.

Personality traits

The Libra can be incredibly tolerant and forgiving of flaws in their partners, and have a naturally calm and easy-going nature. Where the Libra can sometimes cause irritation to others is when showing an apparent ambivalence when a more excited or angry reaction might be expected.

Equally, they may appear angered by a situation that does not seem to warrant it. However, in general, the Libra is among the easiest of signs with which to develop a friendship and relationship.

They have a balanced view of life and an in-built desire for justice. Consequently, they can sometimes find themselves in the position of the mediator, helping to solve a situation amicably to restore the world to their preferred state of equilibrium. This can be a good social skill and, aligned with their normal hard-working and dedicated attitude, most useful in a work environment. The Libra can be well suited to managerial or leadership roles.

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The Libra is among the easiest of signs with which to develop a friendship and relationship | Getty Images

The Libra female is often sophisticated, elegant and enticing. If they have a weakness, it is the ease with which they can become depressed. They do not like injustice in the world and feel it personally when it inevitably occurs.

What it's like to date a Libra

Libras embrace all the seduction and romance that a loving partner can bring and will always look to enhance the relationship, both physically and emotionally, rather than let it stand still. Because she is so attractive to others, she may have a large social network which can make their partner feel temporarily excluded, although this is seldom by design.

The Libra male can be very flirtatious and charming, and easily blends into a variety of social groups. Despite this flirty nature, they are more comfortable developing a friendship to a romance once they have built a trust with their prospective partner. They tend to be drawn towards a woman that can take the initiative, and their ideal partner would be someone who can seduce them without making them feel inferior.

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The Libra male can be very flirtatious and charming, and easily blends into a variety of social groups | Getty Images

They need their love to be returned and can be very adventurous when they feel comfortable with their lover. As a relationship progresses, the Libra male can be very loyal and caring towards his partner. Indeed, they can sometimes put them on a pedestal, overlooking vital problems within the relationship, which can be unhealthy. They are peace loving people by nature and may tend to concentrate on the good points in a relationship rather than dwell on any problems.

Libra is the sign of partnerships, unions, and marriage, so it is natural for them to want to bond closely with someone from an early age. They do not like to be alone and, if they are not in a loving relationship, they will be constantly seeking to find one. The Libra of both sexes are sensitive, romantic and loyal and, when they find a suitable lover, make truly wonderful partners for life’s journey.