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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: Love and Personality

Sagittarius are adventurous, ambitious, independent individuals with a strong sense of humor

Sagittarius are known to be some of the most free-spirited and optimistic of all the Zodiac signs, and these traits make them naturally appealing to others. Their happy-go-lucky approach to life is often backed up by a determination to succeed, which enables them to bowl along from one situation to the next.

Personality traits

The Sagittarius is often well regarded and also respected as a friend or partner you can trust. When they are free to make friends and socialize, they also make a hugely popular and entertaining friend or partner. They can be blessed with a great sense of fun, and their never-ending wish to make the world a happier place is truly a gift to savor.

Furthermore, they are usually extremely honest and forthright people, sometimes to a fault. However, if you are honest with them from the outset, then the benefits will far outweigh any occasional upset. Their honesty enables them to see the right course to take, even if it is not always the most popular, and they make a good ally in difficult situations.

The Sagittarius woman often holds very strong convictions on a wide range of subjects, but they are also sensitive and can be devastated by personal insult. They can sometimes be quite spiritual and needs love and passion to survive

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The Sagittarius is often well regarded and also respected as a friend or partner you can trust. | Getty Images

What it's like to date a Sagittarius

Inevitably, there are risks associated with this carefree attitude to life, notably in their quest for adventure and their independent nature. The Sagittarius is known to be one of the signs with the greatest fear of commitment. They do crave a little romance, and they can be quite sexual at the beginning of a partnership, but it is just a part of the relationship for them.

They may have a tendency to avoid serious relationships or marriage and prefer instead to continue their single lifestyle. Given sufficient space, they can still function perfectly well in a long-lasting relationship, but if they start to feel their partner is smothering their independence, they will not flourish. It should also be said that, once they are in a truly compatible relationship, the Sagittarius can make wonderfully enjoyable and committed partners.

Her natural charm makes it easy for her to start new relationships but, as with the male, she is not always so good at sustaining them. She, too, will need the freedom to explore and to express herself. The Sagittarius woman is regarded as among the least domesticated of all the Zodiac signs, as she will always be guided by her need for adventure.

If you are looking to settle down quietly, then the Sagittarius is unlikely to be the partner who can provide that way of life. They simply do not want to be tied down or made to feel like a possession. But, if you have the patience to let the relationship develop, and the trust to allow them the freedom to roam, then they can be among the most enjoyable and rewarding of partners.